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Bitteswell School advertisement, c. 1825

Old Townshend home in Northamptonshire, 1908

Kilsby Independent Chapel, 1908






Lecture Ticket for Cincinnati College, 1837

Admission ticket to New York Hospital, 1840

World Anti-Slavery Convention Ticket, 1841












Norton Townshend business card, 1843


Monticello Female Seminary flier, c. 1845 Norton Strange Townshend, 1850





Harriet Wood Townshend, c. 1850 Ohio Agricultural College flier, 1854 Easterly daguerreotype advertisement, 1865



Norton Townshend, c. 1861 Norton Townshend, c. 1863

Sheet of statistics kept by Norton Townshend as a Medical Inspector,

c. 1865


Inspection form filled out by Norton
Townshend, 1865
Children of Norton and Margaret
Townshend, c. 1863
Flier for Lectures at Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College




Thomas Easterly, c. 1865 Acme tomato advertisement, c. 1870 Alice Townshend, c. 1865
Margaret Bailey Townshend, c. 1880 Thomas Easterly, c. 1875 Farmers' Institute handbill, 1881


Townshend family, c. 1885 Norton Townshend in his study, c. 1885 Townshend Hall illustration, 1898


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