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Norton Townshend's letter to

hhis parents, (Jan. 1, 1841)

Townshend essay, "Committee on Swine" (1843)

Townshend notes, "Moral and Political Maxims..." (c. 1843)

Townshend notes, "The Subject Necessarily..." (c. 1844)









January 23, 1849 letter from Chase to Townshend

Harriet Newell Wood's Deathbed letter, 1854

February 10, 1854 letter

from Chase to Townshend

February [12?], 1854 letter

from Chase to Townshend
















Margaret Bailey biographical letter (1854)


Letter from Norton Townshend to Margaret (1862) Letter to Townshend concerning Morill Bill in Ohio (1862) Townshend essay, "Theoretical Farming vs. Practical Stupidity" (c.1875-1885)



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