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Related Collections & Sources for Further Study

Manuscript Collections

-- The National Archives in Washington, D.C. has Townshend's Medical Officer's File, (RG 94).

--The Salmon P. Chase papers, held by the Library of Congress, contain correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

--The Salmon P. Chase collection, located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Archives, contains correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

--The George Washburn papers, at the Western Reserve Historical Society, contain correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

--The W.G. Markham papers at Cornell University contain correspondence from N.S. Townshend.

--The Rutherford B. Hayes and Hayes family papers at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center contain two letters from Norton S. Townshend and six letters that mention Townshend.

--Ohio State University Archives has a "biographical file" on Norton S. Townshend, and a letter from Robert Browning to Margaret Bailey Townshend of Columbus, Ohio, concerning the naming of the Browning Dramatic Society at the Ohio State University.

--Oberlin College Archives has the minutes of the Oberlin College Board of Trustees; Townshend was a trustee 1845-1857.

--The John H. Klippart papers at the Ohio Historical Society contain correspondence from Norton S. Townshend.

--Wilbur H. Sieber papers at the Ohio Historical Society papers contain notes from an interview with NST concerning Townshend's role in the Underground Railroad.

--The Lakewood Historical Society owns several Norton S. Townshend letters, including one to his parents concerning politics in 1848.

--Iowa State University Archives has a file on Norton S. Townshend, including several biographical articles, a description of his teaching style, and a course catalog that shows what classes he taught 1869-1870.

--Lorain County Historical Society, Elyria, Ohio has some Townshend-related items.

--Colorado State University has some textiles from the Townshend family in its Historic Costume and Textiles Collection, including a nightshirt and smock made by Rebecca (Norton) Townshend and worn by Joel and young Norton, respectively. They also have a embroidered bag owned by Norton Townshend's daughter, Harriet.

--Missouri Historical Society has a number of Easterly daguerreotypes related to the daguerreotypes in this collection. Easterly's daguerreotypes are also held at the Newberry Library and the Smithsonian Institute.

--American Institute of Physics' Center for the History of Physics has the Homer L. Dodge papers.

Books and Articles

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